Introduction to the Collection Bleu-Blanc-Rouge

The Collection Bleu-Blanc-Rouge has been created to meet the needs of French as a second language students for attainable objectives. It is designed as a workable tool for the acquisition and reinforcement of French vocabulary and grammar.

Intended for students 9 to 12 years old, the Collection Bleu-Blanc-Rouge presents basic linguistic content in a way that eases the transition from oral expression to the written language. One of the distinctive characteristics of the series is that it initiates and corrects many activities with the help of an audio CD- ROM, thus providing unlimited possibilites to listen, imitate or produce oral utterances within meaningful contexts.

Lessons unfold following the "presentation/practice/reflection" model. Grammar is presented through an inductive approach, and leads to reference charts. Games for the practice of vocabulary and reading activities complete the exploration of each theme. Assessment activities are found at the end of every lesson.

Conceived in such a way as to permit individualized learning as well as classroom work, the Collection Bleu-Blanc-Rouge is adaptable to all learning styles. Used as a tool for learning, practice, review or remedial work, the series provide a repertoire of some 400 activities adapted to the curricula and the basic series in use in Canadian schools.

At the end of each workbook there is an exhaustive French-English Lexique and a section entitled En résumé that groups the grammatical notions in schematic tables.