Nouvelle édition
Le premier dictionnaire de français langue seconde entièrement élaboré au Canada.
Destiné aux élèves de 9 à 15 ans.

   plus de 11 000 entrées
   13 000 phrases exemples avec équivalents
en anglais
   index anglais-français complet
   orthographe grammaticale
   clés de conjugaison
   environ 1500 synonymes et antonymes
   37 tableaux de grammaire
   331 notes explicatives
   84 capsules culturelles
   plus de 300 mots illustrés et planches
en couleurs

Auteur: Clément Beaudoin


"As an experienced second language teacher, I can honestly say this is one of the best dictionaries I have seen for second language learners. It does not surprise me that it was conceived and written by a French teacher. I have recommended it to all my junior French students and it has become a useful fixture in my classroom. Although it is lightweight and easy to carry, it contains a wealth of information inside. It includes the expected dictionary content, but it also has interesting cultural information and vignettes, colored illustrations, irregular verbs conjugated in full at their entry, examples of how the chosen word is used in different sentences, variants of irregular verbs presented as separate entries, a multitude of idiomatic expressions, the masculine and feminine forms spelled out, synonyms, related words and antonyms listed with the chosen word so as to develop vocabulary, an English-French index, and the basic rules of French grammar presented throughout in chart form. The layout, content and visual presentation are so inviting that students choose to use their "Myosotis" over the other traditional dictionaries or online translators."
Ms. Marti L. Player, M.Ed
International Languages Department Head
Elgin Park Secondary, Surrey, B.C.

"Après consultation et analyse, il semble bien que, à l’heure actuelle, le meilleur dictionnaire sur le marché, pour les élèves de FL2, soit Le Myosotis, qui est le premier véritable Dictionnaire illustré du français langue seconde au Canada."
Joan Netten
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Claude Germain
Université du Québec à Montréal

"As an educator, and in my current role, it is my opinion that le Myosotis is the best resource that I have seen for committed FSL learners."
James Shea
Former Executive Director of Canadian Parents for French